Switch & Save with Allstate

Save up to 85% on your car insurance

We don’t think you should pay for full car insurance coverage when you share your car—that’s why we’ve partnered with Allstate to help you save.

Just follow these four simple steps to start saving:

  1. Fill out the form
  2. Wait to hear from an Allstate agent
  3. Cancel your current insurance plan through your Allstate agent
  4. Pause your car insurance when you share on Drift X

If you’re an existing Allstate customer: Congrats, you’re already eligible to save! Next time when you drop off your vehicle for sharing 30+ days, let a Drift employee know that you would like to temporarily pause your Allstate auto insurance. They will work with your Agent to earn those savings—see below for terms and conditions.

Why Drift + Allstate

For the Drift X community, we’re teaming up with Allstate insurance to save you even more down the road. Here are the perks when you sign up for Allstate insurance:

Easy Switching

An Allstate agent will be there with you every step of the way

More Savings

See up to 85% in policy savings when you share on Drift X

All Other Drift Benefits

This includes free parking, a clean car, and $1MN in liability coverage

Who We Are

We’re a brand-new car sharing service, protected by Allstate Insurance, for airports and apartments. We’re on a mission to make using a car liberating and worry-free by providing top-notch service and using technology to get you where you need to go ASAP.

From incoming travelers to car owners who share their vehicles with us, Drift offers a great alternative to car rentals.

Get a Quote

Ready to get a quote? Fill out the form and a dedicated Allstate insurance agent will reach out to you in 48 hours.